Get help with an item that hasn’t arrived

Most purchases are covered under the 118CBD Money Back Guarantee. If you didn’t get your item, we’ll make sure you either get your money back or receive a replacement.

Are you a seller looking to respond to an item not received case? Read our article on responding to an item not received case

If your item hasn’t arrived, you’re protected by the 118CBD Money Back Guarantee and can either ask the seller for a refund, or for them to send you a replacement item (if they have one).

Check your item’s delivery information

If your item hasn’t arrived yet, the first thing to do is check the delivery information. You can find your item’s delivery information by selecting the order from your orders list. From the order page you can:

  • View the tracking information – Within the order, you will be able to view the tracking information including tracking link.
  • Make sure your delivery address is correct – If the delivery address you provided to the seller is incorrect, you can ask them to send the item to your new address by going to your their store and selecting Get Support. If they haven’t posted your item already, they’ll be able to send it to the correct address. If they’ve already posted the item they won’t be able to help. If possible, we recommend trying to collect your package from the original address. 

Let the seller know your item hasn’t arrived

If the estimated delivery date for your item has passed, and you still haven’t received your item, let the seller know. To get started, select the item that’s not arrived above, or follow these steps:

  1. Go to Orders.
  2. Select Request Refund beside your item and then I didn’t receive it.
  3. Select replace or refund.
  4. You have the option of adding a message to the seller.
  5. Select Submit request.

You have 30 days from the estimated delivery date to inform the seller that you didn’t receive your item. Once you’ve told them there’s a problem, the seller has 8 calendar days to provide a delivery update, offer a replacement, or give you a refund.

Once you’ve let the seller know, you can check on the status of your request from your account.

Get your refund

If the seller offers to give you your money back, they will authorise the refund and we will refund you the amount and deduct the redunded amount from the sellers account balance.

It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for a refund to go through. If you paid with a credit card, it may take up to 30 days to process, depending on your card provider.

It’s possible that your item may still arrive after you’ve been issued a refund. If this happens, you should get in touch with the seller and try to reach an agreement on what to do next. You can choose to either:

  • Return the item and keep the refund
  • Keep the item and arrange to reimburse the seller

Get help from 118CBD

Most of the time, if your item hasn’t arrived, the seller will resolve your issue for you. However, if the seller hasn’t been able to resolve your problem after 8 calendar days, we’re always ready to step in and help.

Learn more about asking 118CBD for help.

Cancelling your case

If your item arrives, you can choose to cancel your case by emailing

It’s important to make sure you’re certain you want to cancel a case, as you won’t be able to re-open it once it’s been closed.

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