Reimbursing 118CBD

If a buyer doesn’t receive their item, or if it doesn’t match the listing description, they may ask us to help if you can’t solve their issue. If we refund the buyer after reviewing the case, we’ll seek reimbursement from you.

If we’re asked to step in and help with an 118CBD Money Back Guarantee case, and we decide in the buyer’s favour, we will refund them directly, and then seek reimbursement from you.

If we refund your buyer, we’ll let you know by email, and include the reimbursement amount – which is the cost of the item plus the original cost of shipping.

How reimbursement works

We will deduct the reimbursed amount from your 118CBD Account Balance. If the full amount isn’t available in your account, we’ll invoice you the reimbursed amount.

You have the option to make a one-time reimbursement payment if we refund a buyer on your behalf. We’ll send you an email with the case details and a link to where you can make a payment.

What happens if you don’t reimburse 118CBD

If we aren’t reimbursed having refunded your buyer, your account may be put on hold or suspended, preventing you from buying or selling on 118CBD. Once your outstanding reimbursements are paid, the hold or suspension will be removed.

If we suspend your account and you continue to withhold reimbursement fees, your details will be passed on to a collections service.

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